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"I went from being a depressed SAHM shooting heroin in my neck... a happy, radiant mom with her own biz in just 27 pages."

I was an angry, depressed heroin addict who hated myself and the world.

  • I did ‘everything right,’ but still had the worst luck, and still failed at happiness.
  • I ‘tried so hard,’ but it felt like the world was against me.
  • I ‘followed my heart’ but ended up in a worse place than when I started.

Meeting J-Ryze changed my life. He introduced me to the concepts in Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 and taught me how to apply them. When I did, I transformed into a successful, loving, feminine woman with a career helping others who hate themselves to be happy, healthy, and peaceful. Without this book I'd be stuck in a loveless marriage, hating him, myself, and everyone around me. Thanks to J-Ryze & EWO I am a new woman, and I'd love the same for you.


It's not just an ebook, you're actually getting...

Beauty that teaches.

Is a picture worth a thousand words? I'm not sure, but I do know that I learn better when my visual senses are engaged. What's the chance you'll learn better with beauty on each page too?

Pure, distilled wisdom.

Do you know why vodka is so powerful? It’s pristinely pure, crystal clear, and packs an intense punch in every little shot. Just like the distilled wisdom on every page of this book.

The big three desires.

Health, wealth, & relationships. This book gets straight to the good stuff. Find a topic in the table of contents that is most important to you, and voila, get a fresh view that elevates your life on it.

Unexpected truths.

Each page is a "mindblast." A wildly different approach than typical thought-leader writings (which hardly work at all anymore.) They'll elevate your life in key areas more than any other “visionary” book out there.

Entry to the tribe.

A message with clarity & brevity is much more likely to make an impact. Most authors don't bother though, because it takes blood, sweat, and tears to make a message simple yet moving. EWO is different.

Community & connection.

Once the book arrives in your inbox... we're connected, and I can flow more value your way. You'll get free happiness products, delightfully fun 'tea' (stories from my crazy life), and learn more about the Ryze Rebels community.

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Great For 'Busy' Readers: Massive life change in bite-sized chunks (with gorgeous pictures.)

A Note From The Author: "I created Eyes Wide Open Vol. 1 because I’m a freakin’ lazy reader…

I want fast results, and I hate when some guru takes 300 pages to explain what should take three.

I don’t want to spend months wading through YouTube to find ‘a-ha’ moments, I want one on every page.

Plus, I wanted a book that provides value even after I’m done reading it.

One that helps anyone who visits my home. One that looked beautiful on my coffee table, and which gives all who browse it a boost they can feel… in health, wealth, and relationships."

Noteworthy folks are already loving it:

"Every word J-Ryze writes in these pages is pure gold."

"J-Ryze has the ability to see talent and potential in you that no one else can. He helps you to think big. He is full of ideas. The most important thing I love about him is his heart. Someone who you can trust to be your friend and your business associate."

Linh Podetti

CEO Philanthropist

"This book cuts all the fluff... and digs deep."

"This book cuts all the fluff and reveals what it takes to be at your mental and physical peak, change your life, and achieve what your heart truly desires and needs. EWO Vol. 1, though a short read, manages to dig deep into core human issues we all tend to struggle through. Whether that’s fear, indecisiveness, or a lack of money. Ultimately, each page offers tremendous insights and value, stunning imagery, and a pathway to a new and better you."

I.C. Robledo

Best-Selling Author

"This book... will challenge traditional norms."

“J-Ryze is a weird duck. He sees the world differently than you do. And that’s a good thing. This book is a window into his world which will challenge traditional norms, take on stereotypes, and stretch your thinking. Come with an open mind and prepared to be challenged. Enjoy! #Believe”

Evan Carmichael

Thought-Leader / Celeb

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